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  • What is No Idea Sports?

    No Idea Sports is a sport and social club for active professionals looking for that after-work outlet in Northern NJ. We’re an organized way for you to play the club sports you love, meet fun people, and have a great time!  Post game happy hours with drink and food specials for each sport too!

  • How old do you have to be to participate?

    To participate in any sports league, players must be at least 20 years old.

    There is no maximum age limit. If you want to play come join!!

    To attend/participate in our social events/tournaments, you must be at least 21 years old.

  • How do I register?

    The fastest way to register is through our website using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover). Simply find the league you are interested in and click on register button in top right corner of any page or the bottom of a specific league page . Then click on register button. If it’s your first time joining us you’ll need to create a unique username and password.

  • What are my registration options?

    There are three registration options:

    Team Captain – This option is for the team captain and confirms a team’s spot in the league.  Once a captain creates a team, the rest of the individuals joining the team will select the team player option and choose the team they are registering for on the next page.

    Team Player – This option is for players who are joining a specific team.  Once your captain creates the team, choose this option to register for that specific team.

    Free Agent – This option is for individuals and friends who want to play but don’t have a team and want to join in on the fun!  We work to find a team for you once you register.

  • How much is it to register?

    This varies from league to league.  There is always an Early Registration, Regular Registration, and Late Registration price which increases each period.  Sign up early and SAVE MONEY!!

  • Is there a sign up deadline?

    Team Sign Ups – This is first come first serve.  Each league has a limited number of team spots and once they fill the league is sold out!

    Individual Sign Ups – Individuals can register as a free agent or for a specific team up until the night before the league begins.

    **All teams must meet half of the  league roster minimum 2 weeks prior to the league beginning.

  • I don’t know anyone. How can I get on a team?

    Absolutely!  Simply register as a free agent and we will work to find a team for you!

  • Can a friend and I register as individuals and still be placed on the same team?

    Definitely!  Just email us the names of the players who want to stay together and we will make it happen!

  • What happens if I am not placed on a team?

    If you are not placed on a team we will provide you a full refund, the option of moving your registration to another sport/league, or holding onto your credit until you are ready to join us!

  • How long is a season?

    All seasons are 8 weeks in length. With a full 8 team league, the first 5 weeks will be the regular season and the final 3 weeks will constitute the playoffs with everyone qualifying. (Schedule may vary slightly if less than 8 teams) With leagues that contain more than 8 teams not all teams are guaranteed a playoff game. If your teams gets knocked out of the playoffs or if your team doesn’t qualify, you will still have friendly games the remaining weeks.  

    The entire regular season schedule is online and the playoff schedule will be posted following the last week of the regular season. You will receive weekly game time reminders to the email you registered with.

  • When does the schedule come out?

    The regular season schedule is released the Sunday prior to the league start date.  (Occasionally comes out early if possible)

    Post Season schedule comes out each week following results of that weeks games.

  • Is there a maximum number of players that can register for a team?

    No.  The more the merrier!  All teams do have a minimum number of players required but no maximum.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Refunds are not provided once the season begins or day the season is scheduled to start.  If you need a refund because you are unable to play prior to the season we are very happy to reimburse you for your registration as follows:

    • Up to 2 Weeks Prior to League Start:  FULL REFUND (minus $10 processing fee)
    • Up to 1 Week Prior to League Start:  REGISTRATION MINUS $20
    • Less than a week until League Start through the Season: Refunds Not Available. Credit available for a future season if no longer to play due to injury.
  • What happens if a league rains out? When is the decision to cancel made?

    NIS will notify all players and teams of cancellations a minimum of 1 hour prior to game time.  Notifications will be sent via email, text (for players who register for this option), and social media outlets Facebook and Twitter.  We work to make the decision to cancel as early as possible and notify all players, occassionally it may be last minute depending on the situation.

  • What is the forfeit policy?

    All forfeits must be made by 12pm the day of the game for weeknight leagues and 12pm the day before the game for weekend leagues.  If a team forfeits after that time the captain will forfeit his/her free season/credit and there is a $50 fee that must be paid to the opponent.

    If your team needs to forfeit please let us know as early as possible in the days prior to the game so we can let your opponent know and try to find them an opponent in your absence.







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