Captains Can Earn Free Seasons!

Become A Captain!

When you captain a team for a season you earn a credit equal to half your registration price towards any league or tournament you choose.

No Expiration Date!

The credit is good as long as you have an open registered account.

League Upgrade!

If league cost being registered for exceeds the credit amount earned, the player can use the credit to reduce the registration price.

To use your credit earned to register for a season, simply log into your account and register normally. Credit will appear on your account following the final week of the season you captain.

* If a team forfeits with no notification or after the forfeit notification deadline they lose their free credit/season. 

* Captains only earn credit for full teams registered, not partial teams. 

* Captains can only earn credit in leagues where teams require a minimum of at least 5 players or more. 

* Credits are not transferrable to other players.